Lutie Lytle Black Women Law Professors’ Workshop and Writing Retreat at Penn State Law

Lutie isn’t all fun and games. On Saturday, I gave comments on an article on cyber insurance policies to one of the ladies, and showed how she could use my contracts formula to restructure her ideas. 

It was such a pleasure to introduce @tressiemcphd today at Lutie today. She totally lit up the room and inspired us all

Latest piece featured on CNN “Why Draconian Anti-Abortion Laws Are Likely Doomed”

Below is a link to my Op Ed featured on the CNN’s home page. Take a look!

I wrote an op-ed for CNN that explains my take on yesterday’s SCOTUS decision more fully. Thomas resorting to comparing abortion providers and birth control providers to Nazis and bringing up the eugenics movement is desperate, but it is a signal. Current laws are probably doomed, but Thomas gives a blue print for what to do next.